Don’t click on gmail ads: Google is advertising straight up scams now

Google is advertising scams near the top of the page

// a function that takes two arguments and does not but return
void report_ad(int reason_code, char *description) {
Is this Google’s ad reporting function?

I’ve been looking at portable battery/generators… Jackery, Bluetti, Ecoflow, Anker Solix, etc… (those are legit Amazon links if you want to actually price them out on a non-scam site), and ads for portable battery “solar generators” have been appearing in my Gmail website interface:

Google advertising Jackery product scams near in my Gmail inbox.
Links to scam sites using Jackery brand recognition.

Visiting the site link shows impossible discounts and a fake popup showing “real time buyers”. Still, without these immediate clues I would have not noticed the fake site until I looked at the address bar. If the site felt a little less like a scam site, it would have been very easy to make a purchase (although the regular price of these things would make me double and triple check the site and everything).

Fake Jackery scam site with "94% off" and fake realtime updates.
94% a $1300 Jackery power station
Seems legit /s

Scam advertiser details

About this advetiser

Advertiser has not verified their identity yet

Advertiser rariyg tasdrg

I reported both ads but they’re still there… and at the top of the gmail interface.

Actual Jackery ads in the middle of the page

An actual verified advertiser is midway down the list

Legitimate Jackery ad by "DOLLEAD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED" (Advertiser identity verified by Google)

Reporting broken?

Two hours after reporting the ads, Google is redisplaying the ads from the same unverified advertisers at the top of my GMail

One day later, more ads from the “rariyg tasdrg” advertiser (still unverified) but this time with a different knock off domain ( today vs.

The scams get more aggressive?

A few days later, a German ad under a new domain name appeared near the top of my Gmail promotions tab:

Again, they have the status “Advertiser has not verified their identity yet”.

Meanwhile, Gmail makes the indication that the “email” is actually a paid ad a little more subtle.

Once I reported the ad, the inbox refreshed to put the ad at the very top of the tab.

The Jackery ads served by Yahoo (served through, are actually legitimate by comparison.

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