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  • Trying to qualify for Boston? A mileage vs. speed calculator

    Boston Marathon Qualifying Times Chart and Predictor.  An interesting take on calculators: For me: (for 100 miles per week) The slowest you can run and still qualify for the Boston Marathon is 3:10:59.  This is a 7:17 per mile pace.  If you train at 100 miles per week, you need to run a 5 K…

  • Daniels 2nd Ed Training Paces based on BQ.

    Added August 26, 2008: This was posted for amusement more than for actual training purposes. However, I’ve kept this as a “reference” or “benchmark” for other PRs. As Jeff added in the comments… don’t try this at home, kids. From Daniel’s running formula 2nd ed based on a marathon time of 3:10:59 at attackpoint.

  • Trying to actually run easy.

    Very nice weather this morning. 65’F outside, partly cloudy, and not too humid. Rain came in about an hour before my run. I tried to run “easy” based on my 5k time. According to Vdot Calculator and Training Paces based on a 21:54 5k (using Daniels’ Running Formula, 2nd edition), that should be 9’18” per…