Daniels 2nd Ed Training Paces based on BQ.

Added August 26, 2008: This was posted for amusement more than for actual training purposes. However, I’ve kept this as a “reference” or “benchmark” for other PRs. As Jeff added in the comments… don’t try this at home, kids.

From Daniel’s running formula 2nd ed based on a marathon time of 3:10:59 at attackpoint.

One response to “Daniels 2nd Ed Training Paces based on BQ.”

  1. Tom,

    Be careful using Daniels like this. His training paces are based on what you can do now, not a goal pace. So if you enter 3:10:59, and your current VDOT is not at that level, you will be training at paces faster than he prescribes, and that could lead to injury.

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