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  • Why Do Enterprise Applications Suck?

    As a long-time desktop applications developer, I have a lot of experience shrugging my shoulders at the “Enterprise” side of development.  However, the reality is that the “captive audience” mentality dooms you to mediocrity: Wide Awake Developers: Why Do Enterprise Applications Suck?.

  • My thoughts on Yammer

    I commented on @joewheeler’s take on Yammer ( I’m not entirely sure that there is as huge of a barrier to adoption from the corporate side. Office Communicator and Windows Messenger before that offered private network IM capability. Additionally, the Millenials and like-minded young adults are starting to filter into the workplace as interns and…

  • Some promising links on growing an internal wiki.

    From the site, Grow Your Wiki. 21 Days of Wiki Adoption Top 10 Organizational Wiki Tips (and how to use them) Of particular note from my experience is the following article:Why wikis should replace email for collaboration the bigger issue here is that organizations have to look at how email is being used, and what…