Some promising links on growing an internal wiki.

From the site, Grow Your Wiki.

21 Days of Wiki Adoption

Top 10 Organizational Wiki Tips (and how to use them)

Of particular note from my experience is the following article:
wikis should replace email for collaboration

the bigger issue here is that organizations have to look at how email is being used, and what activities would be better served by other tools, like wikis and blogs. Email has become a crutch in business communications because it’s being stretched far beyond its intended use as a communications tool. Organizations are trying to use it to collaborate and it was never designed for this, so it makes a very poor collaboration tool.

It always seems like formal documentation as a whole is abandoned in collaboration mode for a furious chain of e-mails. I would prefer collaborative documentation to not be embedding in one of 10,000 e-mails archived somewhere. In place of thread progression, how about version control in the wiki?

Part 4 in a 4-part series: Email overload killed the businessperson

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