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  • Alternative Paths

    Today could have went very differently. I could have slept in after waking up in the middle of the night. I could have driven the main roads instead of the winding back roads. I could have driven the back road route that I knew much better instead of the slightly longer back road route. I […]

  • Runners: Careful with the NSAIDs

    From Caring Medical – Sports Injuries – NSAIDs: Why We Do Not Recommend Them: The following statement comes from a well-known sports medicine book that has gone through five printings. “In spite of the widespread use of NSAIDs there is no convincing evidence as to their effectiveness in the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries.” […]

  • My new tactic. 1% treadmill run + -3% incline on cool-down #twit2fit

    Streak day 51.  7.51 miles in 1:15:00. For my last two runs on the treadmills at work, I’ve actually been using the “cool down” as an actual cool down.  I ran 1 mile in 10 minutes, then reset the treadmill (60 minute session limit) for another 60 minute session at 6.1 mph, at a 1% […]