Tough long run today.

This one really hurt. Blisters, exhaustion, back, ankle, hip, the works. Total breakdown.

Total Time (h:m:s) 2:45:42 10:19 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 2:36:06 9:43 pace
Distance (mi ) 16.04
Elevation Gain (ft) +1,077 / -1,084

I think from 1 and 2, it’s obvious what happened. I’m not used to pacing myself.

Lap Time Distance
1 7:51 1.00
2 8:07 1.00
3 8:42 1.00
4 8:58 1.00
5 9:03 1.00
6 8:48 1.00
7 9:12 1.00
8 9:15 1.00
9 8:53 1.00
10 9:55 1.00
11 9:58 1.00
12 10:20 1.00
13 10:11 1.00
14 11:52 1.00
15 12:52 1.00
16 12:00 1.00
17 0:11 0.02


Last day of physical therapy today

Roughly a month after starting physical therapy, I'm done.

I have a nice little set of exercises and stretches… 
3×10 reps q day on the exercises (4 seconds between reps, 1 minute rest between sets)
1×3 reps on the stretches, twice per day (20 sec hold, 30 sec rest)
AROM hip/knee flx supine
AROM lumbar alt arm/leg (hip bird dog) w/ ball
AROM lumbar alt leg supine on Ball
Stretch hip/knee figure 4
Stretch Piriformis 4 point kneel
Stretch Piriformis supine crossed leg
AROM lumbar ext prone (uni press ups)
AROM lumbar rotn sidelying knee bent uni
AROM lumbar rotn supine
AROM lumbar arm walk prone w/ ball
AROM lumbar bridging w/ alt leg
Stretch hamstring uni longsitting
AROM ankle static neutral w/wobble bard
AROM hip/knee stance uni (clock reach)
AROM knee stance uni catch w/ball
Resist hip 4 way w/elastic
Resist stance uni w/crosspull w/elastic
Diagonal kicks
Free squats
BOSU lunges

Update: Found an exercise ball for what looks like fairly cheap:

However, the Bosu seems pricey… (I’ve seen some of them for as much as $150)

Avoid injury by working harder

First tempo run in 2 months! 3 miles in 22:51 (7’37” miles)

I started this morning thinking that my back was locked up. As the day went on, things loosened up. I think the tempo run helped instead of hurt.

I think I have an inkling of why I got hurt (twice). I was too conservative. Not with my easy run pace, or my mileage, but just scared of doing anything more than easy runs. I would chicken out of tempos/intervals and blame it on time.

I was building up mileage without the cardio/muscle strengthening that comes with the other paces. I was just wearing myself down.

Last week was my first interval set (2×1600) in 3 1/2 months. Names for each type of run aside, I guess eventually easy pace becomes hard pace if its the fastest pace you do.

This running stuff hurts?

I ran my first long run in 7 weeks today. 13 miles, out of 25 for the week. Probably a little too much, too soon.

Fastest “long run” in over two months and first long run in 7 weeks.

Hip soreness, slightly sore back, and right ankle is bothering me. However, I feel pretty good about my run.

Unfamiliar pain

SIDE STITCHES. That is sad. It’s been 2 years since an “easy run” gave me side stitches.

Yesterday’s run, 5 miles in 45:28 (9’06” pace) — side stitches for last 1.5 miles.
This morning’s run, 6 miles in 54:21 (9’04” pace) — side stitches for over half of the run.

Legs felt fine, knees and ankles need a break at this point.

20 mile week. Maybe next week I will shift to 3 or 4 workouts with a long run on Saturday.

It’s been a good couple of days

7 miles in 2 days.

3 miles in 27:22 yesterday (9’07” pace) at a 2% incline
4 miles in 36:27 today (9’07” pace) at a 2% incline

I’m feeling a little sore, but nothing too noticeable. I definitely wasn’t slowed down by any pain today. The one thing that I *am* having trouble with? Running for such a *long time*.


Recent Monthly and Weekly Distances

52 mile week at the end of July.

July was a 155 mile month.

Where can I go from here? Cardio isn’t completely gone… I’ve been cross-training a decent amount…

Ok… that doesn’t say much. 2-3x per week for 30-45 minutes each time for cross-training.

Flying Monkey is November 23rd.

Slowly building

SI joint seems to be more in-line now than before. Got some ITB and hip flexor stretches in.

Ran 3 miles in 27:41 (9’14”). A little hip flexor soreness. A few kinks otherwise.

30 minutes on the StairMaster bike afterwards, speed interval program, 20 resistance, 10.81 miles (21.6 mph).

Solid Mix

29:45 minutes on the Elliptical @ 12/13 resistance on the weight loss setting–4 miles.

1% Treadmill for 1 mile in 8’46”

I laugh so that I don’t cry

Actually, the drama is diminished for me today. I believe I have found a mostly acceptable workout routine while recovering:

30 minutes of hard biking on the StairMaster bike downstairs twice per week.
45 minutes of 180 cadence elliptical work twice per week.

Maybe I can work in 2 hours on Saturday morning as well. I really need the long, moderate paced workout.

Today’s workout:
Elliptical Interval Program at 11 low and 12 high resistance for 45 minutes.
5.9 “miles”

I’m down to 167 pounds now.