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  • Annoy your friends with iMessage and AppleScript

    Send a message as separate words in iMessage using AppleScript

  • Reinstalling a Clean Copy of Mac OS X Yosemite

    Use How to get old versions of macOS to download an installer for OS X Yosemite while running on Yosemite. Run the installer and it will install the full installer to /Applications/Install OS X Use the command line from How to create a bootable installer for macOS substitution El\ Capitan for Yosemite in the…

  • Running Linux on a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro

    [I’ve had decent luck with the iFixIt replacement batteries (Amazon affiliate link) for extending the lifespan of 3 different Macs, Linux or not] Apple and their aggressive EOL/EOS policies I have had an old mid-2009 MacBook Pro (2.26Mhz, Core 2 Duo P7550) that got left behind at macOS 10.11 (El Capitan). I’ve already gone through…