Annoy your friends with iMessage and AppleScript

Ever want to send a text message but you don’t have the energy to send it one word at a time? If you have macOS signed into iMessage, you can use AppleScript to automate sending one word at a time! (Warning: Doing this more than a few times will probably get you blocked by the people you know!)

(The below script is available at send_message.applescript)

#!/usr/bin/env osascript

#  CREDIT TO for how to send iMessages via AppleScript

on run parameters
  # the number here is the number of seconds
  set theDelay to 3

  # Change this to the phone number of the iMessage contact to use

  set phoneNumber to "+1 (555) 555-1212"
  tell application "Messages"
    set targetBuddy to phoneNumber
    set targetService to id of 1st account whose service type = iMessage
    repeat with arg from 1 to length of parameters
      set textMessage to ( item arg of parameters )
      set theBuddy to participant targetBuddy of account id targetService
      send textMessage to theBuddy
      delay theDelay
    end repeat
  end tell
  log "Message sent"
end run

The repeat with arg from 1 to length of parameters and end repeat is essentially AppleScript’s for loop, with arg being the loop variable and 1 to length of parameters being the closed range on 1 to the end of the parameters list. Changing the value of theDelay can separate the messages by different number of seconds (currently 3 seconds)

You need to chmod +x the script and update the phone number and then you can run it like:

./send_message.applescript This is a message to send

Results of running AppleScript

This is a [Read 1:49PM] message to send with one blue bubble on each line
Results of sending iMessages via AppleScript to myself

You can group words with quotes as well

./send_message.applescript "This is a" "message to send"

AppleScript with quoted arguments.

"This is a" "message to send"

Remember: Use / abuse of this script may get you blocked. This script is purely for educational purposes.

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