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  • Searching for a String in Environmental Variables in Powershell

    I’ve updated the post through feedback in the comments: Regex compare on strings for Get-Variable is Where-Object -Match. So, the closest parallel to the following bash code: set | grep “Users” is the following Powershell: Get-Variable | Where-Object { $_.Value -Match “Users” } or shortened: gv | ? {$_.Value -Match “Users”} Original Post, with Updates […]

  • Finding the about screen in Word 2007

    I had to dig to find this: I used to be able to get the version number via the Help->About… functionality. Pretty standard Windows pattern. I wanted to see if the pushed update of Office 2007 SP2 had been applied this morning, and eventually had to look it up. It is now under the Office […]

  • Every time you make an Excel spreadsheet this big, a kitten meets its maker

    I’m not really that elitist about non-programmers using applications in an advanced way the programmers could find a better way to do. I’ve never had to port functionality from an Excel spreadsheet that was 2 MB in size prior to data being added–at least not more than once. However, I am a bit disturbed that […]