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  • Autotext lines in Word (using 2003 here)

    Sorry if this is pretty trivial for the true power users of Word… I don’t know if Word 2007 works this way or not, but I’ve discovered a couple additional characters in Word that auto-correct to divider lines. (Other than ‘equals’, ‘minus’, and ‘underscore’). The ‘hash’ divider was of the most interest to me, as […]

  • Miscellaneous Excel tricks that I needed today.

    How to hide gridlines on an Excel Worksheet. Select a Worksheet.Select Tools->Options…On the [View] tab, un-check Gridlines under the Window Options section. Row and column headers, scroll bars, and sheet tabs are also hideable through this tab. How to Split and Freeze Panes Freeze panes makes very nice title rows (the bottom pane does not […]