Autotext lines in Word (using 2003 here)

Sorry if this is pretty trivial for the true power users of Word…

I don’t know if Word 2007 works this way or not, but I’ve discovered a couple additional characters in Word that auto-correct to divider lines. (Other than ‘equals’, ‘minus’, and ‘underscore’). The ‘hash’ divider was of the most interest to me, as I’m trying to write a white paper and need distinctive, yet compact, format markings. (The quicker the better, as well.) Just enter 3 successive ‘#’ (hash), ‘~’ (tilde), ‘-‘ (minus sign), ‘=’ (equals), ‘_’ (underscore), or ‘*’ (asterisk) characters and immediately press enter. The text will be replaced by a dividing line.

(This trick does something similar OpenOffice 2.4.)


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