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  • On pre-marathon meals

    Don’t necessarily do as I’ve done here–I’m just illustrating a point. For my three fastest marathon times, I’ve eaten as the last meal before: – 3:32 – cheap mediocre Mexican food. – 3:39 – Mexican in Florence, KY on the way to Cincinnati and pub grub at Nicholson’s in Cincinnati. – 3:49 – pub food […]

  • Misleading nutrition labels

    Burrito Nutrition Label I hate when single serve packages list multiple servings for the package. The most likely consumption scenario, at least in the U.S., is that the entire package will be one serving. It may actually only be a partial serving, even. The person who cuts the product in half and saves half for […]

  • False Sense of Security from Panera Bread #twit2fit

    At Panera Bread, if you happen to not specifically order the Pick 2, you may end up dumping a minimum of 1000 calories on yourself.  If you pair a full sandwich and french onion soup, it’s more like 1300, once you add chips and a baguette.  I usually try to keep my lunches in the […]