False Sense of Security from Panera Bread #twit2fit

At Panera Bread, if you happen to not specifically order the Pick 2, you may end up dumping a minimum of 1000 calories on yourself.  If you pair a full sandwich and french onion soup, it’s more like 1300, once you add chips and a baguette.  I usually try to keep my lunches in the 500 calorie ballpark.  By the way, a Big Mac is 540 calories and Medium French Fries is 380 calories, for a total of 920 calories.

There are a few sandwiches to steer clear of, unless you’re just run a marathon (these are just the sandwiches):

  • Hot Panini – Full Chicken Bacon Dijon on Country – 910 calories.
  • Signature Sandwich – Full Chipotle Chicken on Artisan French – 1030 calories.
  • Signature Sandwich – Full Italian Combo on Ciabatta – 1050 calories.
  • Cafe Sandwich – Full Sierra Turkey on Focaccia with Asiago Cheese – 970 calories.  This one is deceptive on the menu…  the  full smoke turkey breast on sourdough is 470 calories. You could get into trouble by reading the nutrition guide at home and not paying attention.

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