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  • Apache Crashing with PHP 7 Enabled after High Sierra Upgrade

    Upgrading (partially) for a System PHP 7 I finally got around to upgrading to High Sierra, which has PHP 7 as a system PHP instead of PHP 5.6. As part of that upgrade, my quick hacks of httpd-vhosts.conf for a couple of small projects had disappeared, since bringing up those virtual hosts would bring up […]

  • Mobile Billing Meter

    Billing Meter link or Billing Meter tech0x20 link. This isn’t perfect. First of all, some connections are just too slow for a constant refresh rate of less than 20-30 seconds. Secondly, I think many mobile browsers have a refresh cut-off at which point they will ask you if you really want to keep refreshing. […]

  • Two page mobile magic 8-ball

    Two page mobile magic 8-ball Had to use random numbers to prevent caching of pages by mobile web browsers. It’s entirely possible that I made this workaround too complicated, as I had a file version problem on my local drive (I was updating the wrong file.) The first page uses a random number in a […]