Category: php

  • Mobile Web Browser Magic 8-Ball

    Magic 8-Ball. I still want to be able to detect the whether mobile or not so that it will work (and be optimized) for where the user is coming from.

  • symfony | Web PHP Framework

    Symfony an Open-Source PHP Web Framework. This would be a nice tool to use to set up a web site in. Maybe I can finally rebuild my website.

  • Tag Cloud for ftp blogger blogs

    In the sidebar section for Blogger template, include: The following is a modified version of tag cloud source I found. define(‘PREFIX’, ‘labels/’); // for url define(‘SEARCH_DIR’, ‘/home/username/www/labels’); // server location of labels subdirectory define(‘THIS_FILE’, ‘labels.php’); // name of labels file (this file) if(file_exists(SEARCH_DIR.’_cloud_include_cache.php’) && filemtime(SEARCH_DIR.’_cloud_include_cache.php’)>(time()-(60*60))) { echo file_get_contents(SEARCH_DIR.’_cloud_include_cache.php’); } else { build_cloud(); } /** * […]