On pre-marathon meals

Don’t necessarily do as I’ve done here–I’m just illustrating a point.

For my three fastest marathon times, I’ve eaten as the last meal before:
– 3:32 – cheap mediocre Mexican food.
– 3:39 – Mexican in Florence, KY on the way to Cincinnati and pub grub at Nicholson’s in Cincinnati.
– 3:49 – pub food in Memphis. (I figured it was a better option than BBQ)

There are multiple reasons why I do this:
1) After running the 3:39, I’ve sort of become superstitious about what I eat the day before.

2) I’ve never had any decent luck getting near an Italian place while out of town, the night before a marathon.

3) I run long runs on Saturday, which means that fish frys and team lunches at the Mexican place down the road are pretty common day before meals. They haven’t let me down.

Food before my worst marathon times:
1) 4:42 – don’t recall, but was on the road, so we probably tried to find pasta, especially since my daughter will mostly only eat that.
2) 4:34 – first marathon, spaghetti
3) 4:31 – pasta (it was a hilly marathon and I was coming off of injury)

DNF – ate pasta due to having an iffy stomach all week. For me, apparently, iffy stomachs need a little bit of grease, not carbs.

I’m not saying the night meal before doesn’t matter. However, what you eat the night before is more likely to harm your performance than help it if you haven’t gotten your body used to it before then.

You presumably spent 12-18 weeks preparing for this marathon. The body changes didn’t happen overnight. Why magically change your diet the night before?

Do this:
– Eat what you know works for your long runs, even if it violates conventional running wisdom.
– Don’t eat too much.
– Don’t eat too little.
– Eat your last meal the same amount of time before your race as you do before your long runs.
– Hydrate adequately.

Pre-race gear check for #CM10

Gear laid out for the 2010 Chicago Marathon
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 12 with 388 miles on them (I chose better stride over Saucony with fewer miles)
  • Powersox
  • Timex IM stopwatch
  • OBX Marathon running hat — it’s gonna be a warm one tomorrow, and salt and contacts don’t mix.
  • FuelBelt bib holder – got shorted on safety pins in racing packet.
  • 5 Powergel gels in a gel holder
  • iPhone 4 running case + headphones in case things fall apart and I need the entertainment.
  • Blue Nike tank
  • Nike Livestrong running shorts
  • Nexcare bandages
  • Racing bib
  • D-tag on right shoe with d-tag holder clip.

My splits

This was a very consistent run for me. A little pain the last three miles, shortened my gel intake to every 5 miles instead of every hour.

Lap Time Distance
1 8:34 1.00
2 7:51 1.00
3 8:04 1.00
4 7:51 1.00
5 7:56 1.00
6 8:04 1.00
7 8:44 1.00 <-- Eden park entrance and some of park.
-- Not too bad.
8 8:27 1.00
9 8:03 1.00
10 7:53 1.00
11 7:42 1.00
12 8:00 1.00
13 7:59 1.00
14 7:49 1.00
15 8:09 1.00
16 8:19 1.00
17 7:54 1.00
18 8:12 1.00
19 8:24 1.00
20 8:24 1.00
21 8:27 1.00
22 8:06 1.00
23 8:14 1.00
24 8:30 1.00
25 8:42 1.00 <-- the toughest mile... boring and bad road
26 8:23 1.00
27 1:52 0.23

Restarted my Garmin after 26.22 passed:
28 4:30 0.58

Flying Pig 3:39:44

Welcome to my public acknowledgment of a very ambitious goal.

Flying Pig results on Active.com

The course was 0.2514 miles too long due to a fire on the race course. 8’19” miles given the altered course, but I’ll live with saying 8’24” was my pace for the marathon.

Beautiful day, 59’F at the end of the race. Wonderful course: Eden Park was the source of a perfectly placed hill which set me on the perfect pace for the rest of the marathon. Received a nice technical shirt, lithograph, and duffel bag at packet pickup, and a face towel at the end… Space blanket had a nice design, too–going to try to keep that. Currently awaiting pictures.

The finish area was a little crowded, but well-stocked with goodies, including ice cream, yogurt, and the usual fare. The was also a public post race festival that was on the same par with a mid-sized city riverfront festival.

Elevation chart from motionbased and my Garmin 305:

Legs in good shape today.

Wednesday workout

5 miles @ 2%, 3%, 4%, 1%, 0%, successively. 8’28” average pace, 2-4% inclines at 8’49” pace.
1% incline was hard to do any slower than 8’00” pace
0% incline was hard to do slower than 7’30” pace

Marathon Race day weather

Flying Pig race day forecast is on the Weather Channel’s 10-day forecast now:
May 3 Saturday
Showers possible. Highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s.
May 4 Sunday
Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low 50s.