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  • Day 2, Week 1: Hundred Pushup Program

    Second day of week 1 of the hundred pushup program: Sunday’s workout was 9pm, today’s workout was at 4am, so less than 36 hours of recovery involved. Set tally, “-“=90-second recovery period. “[#]”=max Pushups: 12-12-10-10-[26], 70 total.Situps : 12-10-10-10-[20], 64 total.Curls : 12-12-10-10-[14], 58 total.Lifts : 12-12-10-10-[17], 63 total.

  • Day 1, Week 1: Hundred Pushup Program

    I’ve decided to use the hundred pushups program to structure my strength exercises in general: pushups, situps, bicep curls (30 lbs, each arm), and dumbbell lifts (30 lbs, each arm). My max reps at the end were the absolute limit. On the situps, I slowed down, but kept going for 51 reps. Ouch that hurt.…

  • Hundred Pushup Program

    Need to start somewhere with maintaining a good burn rate outside of running, especially in lieu of my reduced mileage because of minor injury. I’ve decided to incorporate the Hundred Pushup Program into my routine.