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  • Sad sign of an era forever gone.

    TechCrunch: Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities. OS News: Yahoo finally pulls the plug on Geocities

  • Installing JSPWiki on an XAMPP for Windows install

    I’ve been experimenting with XAMPP as a way to setup a temporary and transportable Apache install with PHP, MySQL, and a database admin tool (phpMyAdmin). Before starting, be sure to have Sun J2EE 5.x SDK (or higher) installed. As mentioned on, by following the “Installation” without the installer instructions, XAMPP will run from a…

  • Google browser officially to debut on Windows tomorrow

    Google “launches” browser with a cartoon It would seem to be a natural progression that if you’re using Google services for 90% of your web usage (Google, Maps, Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Docs, …) then a Google browser would make things run “even smoother.” This is something that Internet Explorer has had in a way for…