Google browser officially to debut on Windows tomorrow

Google “launches” browser with a cartoon

It would seem to be a natural progression that if you’re using Google services for 90% of your web usage (Google, Maps, Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Docs, …) then a Google browser would make things run “even smoother.”

This is something that Internet Explorer has had in a way for some time. …and Firefox has 20% without being the default install in any set up (unless some Linux distros opt for Firefox over the native WM browser). 20% of web users made the choice to use Firefox. IE 6’s share is 25%, so I would venture that that 25% did not *choose* IE. In fact, 0.13 percentage points of IE traffic is pre-6.0.

Google will have a much more effective platform through which to push their browser.

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  1. One of the interesting things would be to see since google gears is involved, what advantages can someone gain if they leverage the Google sites.

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