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  • All Twitter clients are worthless

    That was my thought today as I was looking at the wonderfully developed, yet totally worthless, TweetDeck. Tweetdeck is so far my favorite, despite playing with Seesmic Desktop, and sobees bDule. It seems like everyone has their own Twitter client: there are Excel clients, shell script clients, Perl clients, and many online Twitter interfaces. What […]

  • The democratization of the news #cnnfail #IranElection

    Social Media, especially Twitter, is so much faster than the traditional media channels at spreading the word about hot topics. I’ve been following @BreakingNews since they used @BreakingNewsOn, and found that I heard about news 1-2 hours before the “breaking news” placeholder showed up on major news sites. It looks like CNN has demonstrated this […]

  • The rampant dismissing of social media

    (This was inspired by Jason Fall’s post on the Sustainability of Social Media) What’s lost in the dismissing of social media as a fad is the fact that social media is simply an extension, through technology, of what has been around for ages. Determined people have always found a way to connect with others with […]