All Twitter clients are worthless

That was my thought today as I was looking at the wonderfully developed, yet totally worthless, TweetDeck. Tweetdeck is so far my favorite, despite playing with Seesmic Desktop, and sobees bDule.

It seems like everyone has their own Twitter client: there are Excel clients, shell script clients, Perl clients, and many online Twitter interfaces.

What do I want?

  • If I use a new client, I better be able to import my Tweetdeck groups. I’ve never latched on to any other clients because of this barrier.
  • I don’t really want a limit on groups.
  • For every new person I follow, I should be able to have the opportunity to add them to one or more groups as a new follow.
  • I want to thread conversations and/or people’s updates.
  • I want a “show less” of this person update.
  • I would be thrilled if it would work on my mobile phone.

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