10000 pushups!!! 282 Pushups + Strength Workout #twit2fit

I decided to use the downtime in between pushup sets to do the physical therapy exercises.

8 sets of 32 pushups + 1 set of 26 for 282 pushups total.  That makes 10,122 pushups since 12/27/2008.

3 sets AROM lumbar bridging w/ alt leg (10 each leg)

Back to physical therapy #twit2fit

I went back for a little physical therapy today, after logging slightly more miles this January than last January. I’ve run two strong races (including a personal record in a 5k) in the last two months, so I’m pretty sure that snowice shoveling was a major factor in my sacroiliac injury flaring up again. The high mileage (60 miles in a week) didn’t help, but I’m pretty sure that I would have gotten by fine without shoveling ice (and sliding on it).

On the positive side, this injury has “inspired” me to put up with the small muscle exercises that will help keep me healthy in the long run. I don’t deal with these exercises well. I prefer hard but simple (running, pushups, sit-ups) exercises over complex (yoga poses, figure four stretches, and all of these exercises).

I did manage 2 sets of 25 situps, and 270 pushups (10×25 + 1×20).

244 pushups today, 5106 pushups since I started on 2008-12-27

So far, I’ve only missed one day since December 27, 2008. (That was two days ago).

I am now up to 244 pushups in one session. Today’s sets were 9×25 and 1×19, for 244 total, finishing in roughly 35 minutes.