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  • tech0x20 6:29 pm on April 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Initial Impresssions of the iPad 

    Initial verdict:
    I like the iPad itself. However, the price is at least $100 more than I can tolerate. In reality, it’s $200 too much, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt because of the screen size.
    I would probably pay $500 for an iPad with contractless 3g, but for WiFi, it seems like too much money for too little.
    From a developer perspective, I like that there is a “Universal” development option for some of the app types, as well as a “Split View” which optimizes the experience for iPad only.
    Other thoughts:
    • WiFi is VERY tempermental. [TUAW post on it]
    • Typing is almost as fast as a physical keyboard
    • Really would have liked leaving the protective wrap on it. Touch was very responsive with it on. Speakers were covered, though.
    • The internal speaker is pretty weak.
    • Running iPhone apps on the iPad is often worse than running Win 3.1 applications on more recent versions of Windows.
    • Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access works very nicely.

    The Apps:

    • The USA TODAY free app is a nice quick view of the news.
    • TWC MAX+ [The Weather Channel app]
    • iBooks has a wonderful free selection of children’s books.
    • Netflix app streaming is good, minus the whole weak speaker thing.
    • Tweetdeck runs pretty slowly.
    • Tweetdeck has search functionality on a per-column basis.
    • The Amazon Kindle app is beautiful on the iPad
    • GoToMeeting app makes excellent use of pinch-and-zoom and panning. It’s also to nice to have such a meeting session up on an external device and using separate computing resources. [Like having meeting TV].
    • Epicurious app – I can really see the Epicurious app on the iPad being what all those internet connected kitchen devices were always meant to be.
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    Smartphone users disappointed with handset and application performance 

    From Fanfare:

    Research reveals 57% of smartphone users disappointed with handset and application performance

    Closer examination reveals that only 155 members of the public responded to the survey.

    One interesting “key finding” that I noted was that whether a problem with the device or the network, 53% blame the device for the issue. If Apple’s true intent is to control the quality user experience by keeping the ecosystem closed, this finding supports that strategy. However, it also makes them more legitimately responsible with issues do arise.

    Little mention of apps being blamed for the issues

    There is no commentary on the quality of the mobile apps themselves being blamed for issues with the phones, but I suspect that a user who has run into a large number of poorly written apps is going to attribute the problems with the apps back to the phone itself. This is unfortunate, because the turnover of applications on a mobile device is much more frequent than on a desktop. When there are a large number of apps available for free or $0.99, the barrier to installation of the app is extremely low.

    I, myself, used to download many applications on my PCs, but they were either open source applications from SourceForge or shareware that I had to try and make a conscious decision to pay money for. I doubt that a significant percentage of the PC owners did likewise and I’m pretty sure most of the ones I know that did had malware on their machines as a result of installing something that they really shouldn’t have. In contrast, half of iPhone users buy at least an app a month.

    With such application development and installation churn comes increased instability, no matter how tightly the ecosystem is controlled.

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    Statistics (you know what they say about them) Apple iPhone Dominates… 

    Apple’s statistics from AdMob have been impressive over the last
    year. It seems that iPhone and iPod touch owners are heavy Internet
    users. Forrester Research even quoted AdMob’s findings in their
    “Mobile Internet: Where is Your Audience?” paper.

    One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that quite a few of my free apps
    have ads served by AdMob. Do these show up as web page ad views? If
    they do, then these numbers might be artificially skewed because of
    those apps.

    From InformationWeek: Apple iPhone Dominates Mobile Web Usage :

    Apple’s mobile platform remains popular, and its devices accounted
    for nearly 43% of all U.S. ad requests.

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