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  • Initial Impresssions of the iPad

    Initial verdict: I like the iPad itself. However, the price is at least $100 more than I can tolerate. In reality, it’s $200 too much, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt because of the screen size. I would probably pay $500 for an iPad with contractless 3g, but for WiFi, it seems like […]

  • Smartphone users disappointed with handset and application performance

    From Fanfare: Research reveals 57% of smartphone users disappointed with handset and application performance Closer examination reveals that only 155 members of the public responded to the survey. One interesting “key finding” that I noted was that whether a problem with the device or the network, 53% blame the device for the issue. If Apple’s […]

  • Statistics (you know what they say about them) Apple iPhone Dominates…

    Apple’s statistics from AdMob have been impressive over the last year. It seems that iPhone and iPod touch owners are heavy Internet users. Forrester Research even quoted AdMob’s findings in their “Mobile Internet: Where is Your Audience?” paper. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that quite a few of my free apps have ads served […]