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  • Test Scores, Profits, and Page Views are Measurements, Not Primary Goals

    I’m a little disturbed by at least a couple of news story themes that I’ve heard recently:  “Can Eliminating [X program] Improve Test Scores?” and “Students to be Moved to Schools to Improve [the school’s] Test Scores.” The former concept sounds like a fishing expedition to find a way to take money from “non-essential” programs. […]

  • Read · 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking

    · 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking. 1.  You’re scared to charge what you’re worth. Number 1 is the biggest failure point that I’ve seen otherwise good business owners make.  Think about it.  Your plumber won’t show up for less than $70.  Neither will your electrician.  They’ve perfected their craft, licensed, and insured […]

  • McDonald’s, the well-oiled machine

    I have to admit, while McDonald’s offers international customizations, a Big Mac and fries is a pretty predictable offering no matter where you go.  I also find that while McDonald’s doesn’t deliver the highest quality food items, I’ve never experienced unacceptable service or quality. Say What You Want | chrisbrogan.com.