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  • Removing a Broken Headphone Plug from an iPhone

    Removing a Broken Headphone Plug from an iPhone

    Broken Headphone Plug and iPhone. 😱 The headphone jack is a pretty key port for anyone not on an iPhone 7 or later, so a broken headphone plug shoved in the jack renders a phone pretty much useless. It’s also too small a space for needle nose pliers. So what do you do if something […]

  • My experience with the Starbucks Mobile Card

    When I initially heard about the Starbucks mobile card test only being expanded to Target stores, I wondered if the reason was because of infrastructure. After all, there are west coast tests of the mobile card in full scale stores. After trying to use it, I now believe that the choice of Target Starbucks as […]

  • Calendar functionality on a smartphone?

    It seems that calendars should respond to time zone changes more gracefully. I don’t have another smartphone for reference, just an iPhone, but the combination of automatic time zone updating and calendar appointments should be handled more gracefully. Now, I know there’s a time zone support option on the iPhone, but not all appointment sources […]