Map of Marathon States Completed

Kentucky – 1 – KDF 2012 New York – 1 – NYC 2011 Tennessee – 3 – Flying Monkey 2008, 2010. Memphis 2009. Illinois – 1 – Chicago 2010 Indiana – 1 – Indianapolis Monumental 2009. West Virginia – 1 – Hatfield McCoy 2008 Ohio – 1 – Flying Pig 2008 North Carolina – 1 […]

On New Boston Qualifying Standards, Fairness, and Determination

Warning: The title was initially “On Qualifying, Fairness, and Determination”. I’m not sure if I’m sticking with that topic.  It just echoed the general reaction from runners in response to the new qualifying standards and procedures for the Boston Marathon announced 10 days ago. That’s part of my inspiration for this post. I threw in […]

Iroquois is for Runners, or How to Ruin the Best Half Marathon in the Country

The Course In Question Go to the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/miniMarathon page for the course map. Where I’m Coming From I’m a runner with modest ability.  I never ran track or cross country in high school.  I barely finished the mile fitness test my freshman year in high school. Those PE exercises and recess games […]

Switching focus away from the marathon for a little while

I’ve had a combination of really good marathon experiences and really bad marathon experiences at this point. The race day experience doesn’t bother me too much. The marathon is a challenging distance to run well, because little problems early on (and even 24 hours before) multiply over the 26 mile 385 yard distance: Blisters start […]