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  • Track your unread items/total items count in Outlook on startup.

    I added this to my Outlook macros [started with code for displaying all unread messages]. After selecting Alt-F11 and ThisOutlookSession [on the left sidebar], I selected “Application” and “Startup” [which is where this code is added.] It append to a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. This is nice if you’re attempting to […]

  • Message rules to filter automated messages and subscriptions

    My word/phrase list: unsubscribe to stop receiving subscription preferences as a web page this message has been sent to like to opt out online privacy policy do not want to receive you no longer wish prefer not to receive to opt out this email was sent to Advice: The space allowed for rules is VERY […]

  • Calendar functionality on a smartphone?

    It seems that calendars should respond to time zone changes more gracefully. I don’t have another smartphone for reference, just an iPhone, but the combination of automatic time zone updating and calendar appointments should be handled more gracefully. Now, I know there’s a time zone support option on the iPhone, but not all appointment sources […]