Track your unread items/total items count in Outlook on startup.

I added this to my Outlook macros [started with code for displaying all unread messages].

After selecting Alt-F11 and ThisOutlookSession [on the left sidebar], I selected “Application” and “Startup” [which is where this code is added.]

It append to a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. This is nice if you’re attempting to get your inbox under control and want to track your progress.

Private Sub Application_Startup()
    On Error GoTo itfailed:
    ' I want to be able to catch up by reading all my unread messages
    Dim ns As Outlook.NameSpace
    Dim folder As MAPIFolder
    Dim item As Object
    Dim msg As MailItem
    Dim myfolder

    ' Open the inbox folder
    Set ns = Session.Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set folder = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)

    myfolder = Environ$("USERPROFILE") & "my documents"

    myfile = "outlookunread.csv"
    Open myfolder & myfile For Append As 1
    Print #1, Strings.Format(Now, "Short Date") + " " + Strings.Format(Now, "Long Time") + "," + CStr(folder.UnReadItemCount) + "," + CStr(folder.Items.Count)
    Close 1
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, Err.Number

End Sub

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