Progressive run on the treadmill as a fundraiser #running #twit2fit

I completed my 2-hour leg of the 24-hour treadmill relay to raise money for the the World Food Program:

  • Hour 1:  6.28 miles, from 6.0 mph to 6.6 mph
  • Hour 2:  7.04 miles, from 6.7 mph to 7.5 mph

Hopefully, I’ll wrap up my 72-mile week tonight with a 9-mile recovery run on the treadmill while watching the UofL-Pitt game.

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Trying to break the monotony of running outside… *heh* #twit2fit #running

It’s amazing how running 50 miles in 7 runs over 4 days can make even running in pleasant weather a bit of a mental challenge.  On Monday-Wednesday of this week, I ran outside, starting at 5:45 AM.  Daylight doesn’t bleed into the sky until near 7, so running down streets getting blinded by oncoming cars is draining.  On top of those runs, I also ran the 5.7 mile loop at work on Tuesday and Wednesday, for double runs.

The final straw was having to dodge and maneuver around garbage trucks 9 times between my two Wednesday runs.

So, after 3 days and nearly 38 miles of outside-only runs, I’ve decided to finish the remainder of my 72-mile week on the treadmill.

This was my third day in a row of double runs of about 6 miles each:

  • Morning run:  1% Sole F80 treadmill, 6.26 miles in 1:00:00
  • Lunch run:  1% Precor 933i treadmill, 6.10 miles in 0:57:55

Tomorrow, I will be running as part of a 24-hour treadmill relay (2 hour time slot for me) to raise money for the World Food Programme.

Overcoming excuses to run outside (22-miler in 3:33:29) #twit2fit #running

I’ve been mostly “treadmill-bound” for the last several weeks.  Part of it is due to schedule conflicts–it’s hard to run outside when your only options are in the middle of the night and before the sun is up in the morning, especially when you have kids to watch.  However, part of my treadmill is due to making excuses on why I couldn’t run outside.  Here they are:

  1. It’s hot (took care of that one this summer)
  2. It’s rainy out (I added this one after overcoming my aversion to hot weather)
  3. My wife worked last night, so I can’t go run all over the place at 5:30 am [on a Saturday]
  4. Midday runs in my neighborhood are congested and cross busy streets.
  5. I can watch football most of the day if I run my long run on the treadmill.

I let my wife sleep in today, so I was going to run the treadmill downstairs for 3 1/2 hours for 22 miles.  I decided that, for some reason, that wouldn’t be very productive or enjoyable.

Second option, I decided to work out a 7-1/3 mile loop to run 3 times.  I figured that I’d just attempt to bail out of the run after the first loop.

Instead, 2 miles into the loop run, I decided to go catch up with my wife at Seneca Park for a Filipino gathering (starting in Fern Creek)… here’s the map for the first half:

Second half: I hung out a little while there before attempting to continue on to the Cherokee Park Scenic Loop [almost found it, too]–my wife was headed to Bellarmine for the Irish festival, so I planned to finish up there. Getting lost in the hills between Cherokee and Seneca was rough, as was the muscle pain from stopping my run for an extended period of time, but I managed to fight through it:

This run was actually slower than my last 20+ miler, but the average incline was about 1% greater, and the stop in the middle really killed my momentum.

Week 7 of the streak and injury analysis #twit2fit

Start of week 7 of the streak

Given the usual madness of holiday weekends, I didn’t think the streak would survive this onslaught, but I not only got a run in, I managed to hit my target distance of 6.4 miles.

Challenge #2:  I woke up with a stiff back.  Not a debilitating, keep me from walking, stiff back, but a stiff back and some back pain.  I used several tactics to attempt to work out the pain, and something must have clicked.  By the time of my 8PM run, the stiffness had worked itself out.  It’s doing pretty well today.

I’m going for 6.5 miles today and 40 miles for this week.  After this week, I will probably be adjusting the pace of my mileage increase to avoid the injuries I’ve faced over the last 9 months.


I spent some time analyzing my 6-week and 12-week mileage averages (current week inclusive), compared to both my marathon times and current week’s mileage (for injury).

Injuries happened:

  • Over 50 miles in a week when 6-week average was 28.5 mpw and 12-week average was 31 mpw (84% and 68% increase).
  • Over 60 miles in a week when 6-week average was 44.7 mpw and 12-week average was 39.5 mpw (36% and 54% increase).

Injury did not happen:

  • Over 60 miles in a week when 6-week average was 53.2 mpw and 12-week average was 46 mpw (13% and 31% increase).

I believe the answer lies in the average of the weeks 7-12 versus current week.

Marathon results:

  • PR (3:39) at 6-week 44.8 mpw, 12-week 46.1 mpw
  • Second best (4:30 – at Flying Monkey) 6-week 40.2 mpw, 12-week 31.1 mpw.
  • Third best (4:34 – first marathon) 6-week 41.4 mpw, 12-week 39 mpw.
  • Worst (4:42 – Hatfield-McCoy and sore leg muscles going into race) 6-week 35.2 mpw, 12-week 40 mpw.

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