Flying Pig 3:39:44

Welcome to my public acknowledgment of a very ambitious goal.

Flying Pig results on

The course was 0.2514 miles too long due to a fire on the race course. 8’19” miles given the altered course, but I’ll live with saying 8’24” was my pace for the marathon.

Beautiful day, 59’F at the end of the race. Wonderful course: Eden Park was the source of a perfectly placed hill which set me on the perfect pace for the rest of the marathon. Received a nice technical shirt, lithograph, and duffel bag at packet pickup, and a face towel at the end… Space blanket had a nice design, too–going to try to keep that. Currently awaiting pictures.

The finish area was a little crowded, but well-stocked with goodies, including ice cream, yogurt, and the usual fare. The was also a public post race festival that was on the same par with a mid-sized city riverfront festival.

Elevation chart from motionbased and my Garmin 305:

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