Overdid the Thursday workout.

Ran 8.26 miles in 1:04:36 yesterday. Felt plantar fasciitis-like pain in front of my heel. After walking down two flights of stairs, I felt even more generalized pain in the ankle and heel areas.

Today, I’ve been using biofreeze, ibuprofen, ice, and a ankle support. My ankle occasionally pops, and everything magically feels better briefly.

Sometimes I feel okay walking around. Sometimes, I feel like I’m dragging my foot sideways to avoid the pain. Looks like legs are going to get a lot more recovery time before starting back on any training programs.

One response to “Overdid the Thursday workout.”

  1. Aww…no, I’m sorry. Sounds like your foot and my knee are in kahootz. Hope this is a very short-lived injury issue.

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