Second day after doctor’s appointment

The NSAID regimen is doing wonders for recovery. Similar to last week, the second day in a row of running was considerably easier than the first. It was almost like my muscles woke up today.

Ran 8.1 miles in 1:09:54. Weather was 67° F, humid, and partly cloudy. Started my run before 6am, and got to see the sunrise peek through the clouds on the horizon for about half of my run. I had a little sprint of 6’16” pace for 0.10 mile at the end of the run. Couldn’t break 6 minute pace this morning, but I still feel pretty good.

These runs are on the 18th hour of a 24-hour dose… listed half-life is 15-20 hours, so I’m at least not running completely numb to pain… I do feel some, but it’s pretty manageable. I keep working icing into the routine as well.


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