Avoid injury by working harder

First tempo run in 2 months! 3 miles in 22:51 (7’37” miles)

I started this morning thinking that my back was locked up. As the day went on, things loosened up. I think the tempo run helped instead of hurt.

I think I have an inkling of why I got hurt (twice). I was too conservative. Not with my easy run pace, or my mileage, but just scared of doing anything more than easy runs. I would chicken out of tempos/intervals and blame it on time.

I was building up mileage without the cardio/muscle strengthening that comes with the other paces. I was just wearing myself down.

Last week was my first interval set (2×1600) in 3 1/2 months. Names for each type of run aside, I guess eventually easy pace becomes hard pace if its the fastest pace you do.


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