Last day of physical therapy today

Roughly a month after starting physical therapy, I'm done.

I have a nice little set of exercises and stretches… 
3×10 reps q day on the exercises (4 seconds between reps, 1 minute rest between sets)
1×3 reps on the stretches, twice per day (20 sec hold, 30 sec rest)
AROM hip/knee flx supine
AROM lumbar alt arm/leg (hip bird dog) w/ ball
AROM lumbar alt leg supine on Ball
Stretch hip/knee figure 4
Stretch Piriformis 4 point kneel
Stretch Piriformis supine crossed leg
AROM lumbar ext prone (uni press ups)
AROM lumbar rotn sidelying knee bent uni
AROM lumbar rotn supine
AROM lumbar arm walk prone w/ ball
AROM lumbar bridging w/ alt leg
Stretch hamstring uni longsitting
AROM ankle static neutral w/wobble bard
AROM hip/knee stance uni (clock reach)
AROM knee stance uni catch w/ball
Resist hip 4 way w/elastic
Resist stance uni w/crosspull w/elastic
Diagonal kicks
Free squats
BOSU lunges

Update: Found an exercise ball for what looks like fairly cheap:

However, the Bosu seems pricey… (I’ve seen some of them for as much as $150)

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