Random Articles found through NetworkWorld

Sending a message to TSA will cost you time – the lesson here? Don’t try to be clever in what you take through security. Evan Roth has designed personalized plates that allow the bags screeners for TSA to see a “message” that you’ve had etched into a steel plate. Of course, these plates obstruct the view of your baggage, pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll be searched.

2008 I.T. Industry Graveyard – Slide 3… The IT department. I don’t know about this. This prediction is along the same lines as the prediction of the death of the desktop computer 10 years ago and the “this time it’s different” about the dot-com boom, the housing market, or [insert your future prediction here]. Until the barriers to replacing the legacy systems are met, someone will always be making the connections to the old data through SOA, or worse yet, changing the old applications for minor changes in the business environment.

A contrasting (if not differing) opinion from ComputerWorld.com blogs: Vista R.I.P.

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