Taper madness – Enter the Monkey

After quickly building up to 50 miles per week (+5 miles per week) for one week, I had an 80% and 60% week the last two weeks, and 14 miles this week on Monday and Tuesday.

The goal? The Flying Monkey Marathon. After finally pondering the elevation chart of this nutcase runner’s marathon through Percy Warner Park, I can only conclude that it is a fortunate time to have a gut-busting gorge-fest four days later (that would be U.S. Thanksgiving for the international folks). I certainly won’t be interested in running, after all.

Flying Monkey Elevation

I ran the Hatfield-McCoy marathon earlier this year, and I’m well aware of how trashed your quads fear after such steep downhills. Unfortunately, while the Hatfield-McCoy had one steep downhill, the Flying Monkey has 9-10 steep downhills of 1/3 to 1/2 the elevation drop.

Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Less than 60 hours to go.

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