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  • No excuses, legs! Quick two miler #twit2fit

    Sunny, slightly breezy, and 71° F.  Seems like a horrible crime to do only 2 miles.  If not for the 5k tomorrow morning, I could have went out for at least 10. I went out and tested my legs in my Mizuno Wave Rider 11s.  I’ve been holding back the last two days, to an […]

  • 25 weeks to go #twit2fit

    The OBX marathon is on November 8, 2009.  That’s 25 weeks away.  That’s also a long way to go for someone who has not put 25 weeks of running together in over a year. I just completed my first 40 mile week in over three months, finishing with a 6.9 mile run with the jogging […]

  • First tempo run in a while #twit2fit

    5.68 miles in 48:54.2, or 8:37/mile.  3 mile tempo, target pace:  7:30/mile. This was my first attempt at a tempo run in a while (one where the “tempo” portion lasted over 20 minutes.)  My conditioning is still lacking, and my mental will to finish the 3 mile tempo just about broke down the second half […]