No excuses, legs! Quick two miler #twit2fit

Sunny, slightly breezy, and 71° F.  Seems like a horrible crime to do only 2 miles.  If not for the 5k tomorrow morning, I could have went out for at least 10.

I went out and tested my legs in my Mizuno Wave Rider 11s.  I’ve been holding back the last two days, to an almost painfully slow pace (11:13 pace Wednesday and 10:46 pace yesterday).  My goal tomorrow is sub-22.  However, with a couple EASY quick pickups, one close to a 6 minute pace, I feel that I can do far better that 22–I just have to convince the legs to play along.

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25 weeks to go #twit2fit

The OBX marathon is on November 8, 2009.  That’s 25 weeks away.  That’s also a long way to go for someone who has not put 25 weeks of running together in over a year.

I just completed my first 40 mile week in over three months, finishing with a 6.9 mile run with the jogging stroller in in 1:07:53 (9:50/mile).  It was 60’F outside, sunny, and I was running uphill into a headwind for at least a half-mile of the run.

This also marks day 50 of my running streak.  From here on, I will need to increase carefully and consistently to meet my ultimate goal.  My current PR for a marathon is 3:39.  My second best time is 4:30.

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First tempo run in a while #twit2fit

5.68 miles in 48:54.2, or 8:37/mile.  3 mile tempo, target pace:  7:30/mile.

This was my first attempt at a tempo run in a while (one where the “tempo” portion lasted over 20 minutes.)  My conditioning is still lacking, and my mental will to finish the 3 mile tempo just about broke down the second half of the tempo portion.

I may need to race to force the issue.

Elevation: +730.1 ft / -725.4 ft / net: 4.7 ft

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“Ready” to “run” the Flying Monkey Marathon

Well, I’m present for the Flying Monkey Marathon, at least.

Met fellow members at the packet pickup… One of them asked me if me if I had driven the course yet. I said that I hadn’t, to which he responded that I probably shouldn’t.

I then remarked about my shins hurting a little. The response… “It won’t matter, because your legs will be numb after the second mile anyway.”


All for this little finishers… umm…. medal?

Less than 16 hours to go.

Taper madness – Enter the Monkey

After quickly building up to 50 miles per week (+5 miles per week) for one week, I had an 80% and 60% week the last two weeks, and 14 miles this week on Monday and Tuesday.

The goal? The Flying Monkey Marathon. After finally pondering the elevation chart of this nutcase runner’s marathon through Percy Warner Park, I can only conclude that it is a fortunate time to have a gut-busting gorge-fest four days later (that would be U.S. Thanksgiving for the international folks). I certainly won’t be interested in running, after all.

Flying Monkey Elevation

I ran the Hatfield-McCoy marathon earlier this year, and I’m well aware of how trashed your quads fear after such steep downhills. Unfortunately, while the Hatfield-McCoy had one steep downhill, the Flying Monkey has 9-10 steep downhills of 1/3 to 1/2 the elevation drop.

Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

Less than 60 hours to go.

32 years old today

I’m 32 years old today.

It’s fitting that most of my body hurts today, mostly from all the workouts yesterday.


I’m healthier now than at 30, 25, or 15.

I’m stronger compared to every other birthday I’ve had.

I have more blessings, friends and family than at any other time in my life.

Elevation Profile of the Flying Pig vs Hatfield McCoy

The Hatfield McCoy marathon does not look impossibly daunting of a task…
1) Flying Pig was 6:30am vs. Hatfield 7:30am start
2) May 4th was unseasonably cool.
3) June 14th is 6 weeks closer to the heart of summer.

Obviously, the noise/granularity of the Flying Pig elevation map exaggerates the elevation totals, or vice versa, but Hatfield/McCoy still looks about even with the Flying Pig.

Flying Pig Elevation change +3,402/-3,337 ft (MotionBased Gravity Web elevation)

Hatfield McCoy Elevation change +3,186 / -3,175 ft (MotionBased Gravity Web elevation)

2 days to Flying Pig

Less than 48 hours from the Pig. Phantom pain in legs, probably a result of standing around for 6 hours for the Pegasus Parade in Louisville. I will be letting Advil and Biofreeze do their jobs–and trying to stay off of my feet as well.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a moderate rest day, at the very least.

Morning & PR

12 days until Flying Pig. The Marathon PR that I’m setting out to beat–4:34:06. If all goes as planned, I’ll be breaking 3:50:00.

I’m not considering the concept of missing PR, and I’m shutting out the thought of being over 4 hours at all.

Despite running 10 miles after waking up with knee issues yesterday, legs are feeling pretty good today. Strangely enough, my shoulders and upper arms are sore today.