25 weeks to go #twit2fit

The OBX marathon is on November 8, 2009.  That’s 25 weeks away.  That’s also a long way to go for someone who has not put 25 weeks of running together in over a year.

I just completed my first 40 mile week in over three months, finishing with a 6.9 mile run with the jogging stroller in in 1:07:53 (9:50/mile).  It was 60’F outside, sunny, and I was running uphill into a headwind for at least a half-mile of the run.

This also marks day 50 of my running streak.  From here on, I will need to increase carefully and consistently to meet my ultimate goal.  My current PR for a marathon is 3:39.  My second best time is 4:30.

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

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