– what I’ve been looking for. Almost.

I just searched on “twitter” and “threads” in google. What I found was Simple, huh?

It’s not 100% what I had envisioned: My vision was probably something more like expandable threading by author sorted by date of most recent update. The TwitterThreads version looks like it shows all posts that you’d normally see if you were following someone, but limited to a single day’s posts.

This is pretty much what I wanted to build, with a few additional features… Other things I thought of were [+]/[-] Expand/Collapse functionality, an option to configure the number of days shown, and read/unread functionality of some sort.

There is also a mobile TwitterThreads site. On my ancient Treo 650, this is a beautifully elegant and simple interface. It may become my new twitter interface on my phone.

Something both interfaces are missing are direct links to “reply-to” and “favorite” individual tweets. I was also a little disappointed that the timestamp link on each tweet went to the person’s home instead of direct linking to the tweet on Twitter. This makes the lack of reply-to and favorite functionality more of an issue for me. If the timestamp had linked to the individual tweet, I could reply-to or favorite through the Twitter web interface.

Overall, I am still thrilled to see that someone has implemented this idea. Like any programmer geek, I would have liked to be the first, but I wouldn’t really have made the time to throw something like this together.

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