Marathon Training plan and Pushups Plan #twit2fit

Smart Coach Plan Created on 1/5/2009 – loose guide for mileage ramp-up and interval/tempo pacing. I plan on slowing down easy days as much as necessary to complete them. The plan says 8’56” miles, but Daniels’ 2nd edition has as slow as 9’14” based on a 21’54” 5k time.

Start mileage: 51 miles, starting last Monday.
Peak mileage: 74 miles.
Marathon date: 4/19/2009.

Pushups Plan – 2,090 pushups in 10 consecutive days so far. I’m planning on +1% every day until I can’t continue the pattern. No time limit on sets, except for available free time. I’ve been completing the sets within 30 minutes to an hour each day. Hopefully, the workload is light enough to allow consecutive days. The way I’ve done the breakdown, I won’t reach 100 consecutive pushups until June.

Shorter plans:
100 pushups in six “weeks”
200 situps in six “weeks”

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