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  • Going back to the simplicity of the Runners World smart coach plan

    This training plan was created using the Runner’s World SmartCoach iPhone app. To get your own plan, download SmartCoach from the App Store or create a plan online at 02/20/2012 – Easy Run Distance: 8 mi Pace: 8:39 02/21/2012 – Easy Run Distance: 8 mi Pace: 8:39 02/22/2012 – Tempo Run Distance: 7 mi […]

  • The First Moment of Truth / Doubt #nycm #running

    I don’t know if it’s a prioritization thing or a psychological thing, but I have yet to fill out my training plan completely, either in my Training Plan or in my Google Docs spreadsheet. Last week featured back-to-back 11 and 13 milers, ending with a 15 miler at the end of the week. Wednesday (tomorrow) […]

  • Switching focus away from the marathon for a little while

    I’ve had a combination of really good marathon experiences and really bad marathon experiences at this point. The race day experience doesn’t bother me too much. The marathon is a challenging distance to run well, because little problems early on (and even 24 hours before) multiply over the 26 mile 385 yard distance: Blisters start […]