Kryder’s law and hard drive pricing.

Hard Disk Historical Pricing (found from Kryder’s Law – A rule of thumb for hard drive growth).

It’s amazing that in March of 1986, $48/MB was the sweet spot for a hard drive.

By other milestones in my life:

By the time I started college in 1994, the cost was under $1 per MB.

By the time I started my first full time job in late 1999, the price for hard drives was $20 per GB!   (The cost of “high grade” flash memory now).

When my first daughter was born in August 2004, the price per GB was near $1.

When my son was born in August 2008, I remember seeing drives for 5 GB per $1.

Now, you can get about 10 GB per $1.  Even the large solid state hard drives are only $2 per GB, but yet I’ve been in conversations about how we could not imagine paying “that much” for them.

Other fun variants of Moore’s Law are linked from the Wikipedia article.


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