Day 30 of the streak. #twit2fit

A lot of stuff going on here.  First of all, my graph.  30 runs in 30 days–no gaps in the graph:


Secondly, I did this last run at 4:55 AM, on the treadmill in the basement of a house that’s not air-conditioned at the moment.  It’s warmer in the basement than it is outside right now (70’F, with a dew point of 49’F).  I’m finished, cleaned up, dressed for work, and have my Heine Bros Coffee brewed–waiting on the sunrise and my wife to get home.

I also tried out my Superfeet for this morning’s 5.3 mile run.  Typical results, similar to my feet and anything with a medial post.  I’ll alternate shoes for now and see how things develop.

5.3 miles in 0:51:55 or 9’48″/mile.

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