rush: the ruby shell


rush is a replacement for the unix shell (bash, zsh, etc) which uses pure Ruby syntax. Grep through files, find and kill processes, copy files - everything you do in the shell, now in Ruby.

Install rush

If you're running windows and have Ruby installed, go to Start->Ruby-{version}->RubyGems->RubyGems Package manager and type in "gem install rush" at the cmd prompt.

Today's Running Plan (Streak day 18!) #twit2fit

Tempo! (on a treadmill)
0.0-0.5 mile: warm-up at 10'33" / 5.7 mph
0.5-3.5 mile: tempo at 8'14" / 7.3 mph
3.5-4.1 mile: cool-down at 10'33" / 5.7 mph

Update for Actual:

0.0-0.5 mile: warm-up at 10'33" / 5.7 mph
0.5-3.6 mile: tempo at 8'14" / 7.3 mph (5 km at 7.3 mph)
3.6-4.1 mile: cool-down at 10'33" / 5.7 mph

4.1 miles in 36'00" or 8'47" per mile

Streak day 17 #twit2fit

Nothing spectacular...  I decided to add "recovery" days into the streak.  Right now, I have them set at 2.5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday (beginning next week).

2.3 miles in 22'27" for 9'46" per mile, 2% incline.   I ran most of the run at 10'00" pace, with a 9'50" for about a mile, and a 10.1 mph stride for about 0.1 mile at the end.

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Streak day 16 #twit2fit

3.9 miles in 38'47" (9'57"/mile).  A little plantar fascia /arch pain in the left foot starting about 2.9 mile mark.

I'm planning on converting my running plan to a 5% build-up to a 70 mile week for the week ending September 9, 2008.  That will be 9 weeks from the OBX marathon.  I may continue the +0.1 mile per day trend, with 2 mile "rest" days inserted to keep healthy.

However, this build-up was a thing of beauty:


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Avoid - Champion C9 Shorts

I bought a couple pairs of these shorts at Target because they looked decent (although, definitely not high-end). Immediately after running 7-10 miles in them, I had a raw spot from the waistband stitching. Eventually, I learned to make the best of that (wear them only on shorter runs). However, the lining quickly started tearing away from the waistband, so they're not really reasonable to wear anymore. I love my Reebok running shorts (all styles) and would recommend them despite being more than twice the price of the Champion shorts. The durability alone is worth it.

Buy this:

Not this:

Streak day 13 #twit2fit

Ended up on the treadmill, as the thunder crashed as my Garmin synched.  Lucky for me, because a few minutes later, while on the treadmill, pea-sized hail started falling outside.  I probably would have been a half-mile out at that point.

3.6 mile in 35'47" for 9'57".  13 day streak.  First month of mileage increase from previous month since January.


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Brother, that's some determination - streak day 12 #twit2fit

Normally, I don't like comments from people as I run by them while I'm running the neighborhoods, but that's usually because of the "Run, Forrest, Run" style comments.  It's probably part of the reason that I like running at 6:30 am.  Well, today was different.  A guy who was outside said, "Brother, that's some determination," as I passed by.  It seems to be fitting for the challenges I'm working through.  I guess that's what I appreciate--it's a respect for what I'm trying to do.

Is it a miraculous feat?  No.

Is it newsworthy?  No.

It is something, however, that would be a lot easier for me to not do.

3.56 miles in 34:41.75 for 9'45"/mi.

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Streak day 11, 3.4 miles in 32:52 #twit2fit

Let me just say, McNeely Lake park is unimpressive, especially for a runner.  There are a couple nice 8% incline hills, but the park road is a little over 0.6 miles long, and that's with a ribbon-like wind to it.  Never again.



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