Mile 3.5 smells like nuoc mam, mile 4 like jasmine #twit2fit

Nuoc mam?  Nuoc pho!
Nuoc mam? Nuoc pho!

Among the smells that fill the air in late spring, some are less pleasant than others.  There must have been some magical combination of garbage day, warm weather, and fresh rain, which made the air smell like fish sauce.  Not just any fish sauce, either.  My heritage has acclimated me to some fish sauces, and Thai “nam pla” is very mild in scent.  No, this smell was even a step beyond the Filipino “patis” that I grew up smelling.  I would even go out on a limb to say that it was gourmet Vietnamese “nuoc mam”.

About a half mile later, the bouquet was rounded off by the smell of jasmine.  Finally, a mile from the end of my run, the exhaust from Chili’s and Culver’s filled the air.  Odd mix of smells, indeed.

5.77 miles in 0:55:09

Elevation:  Elevation: +946.2 ft / -957.2 ft / net: -11 ft

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