The Iroquois hill run and an 8-week streak #twit2fit


I ran the full hill on Iroquois park on Friday afternoon:  Sunny and mid-80s.  I had a sluggish start, but enjoyed being able to run in the near-summer temperatures after missing out on running most of last summer. The “real uphill” to the top never seems to give me any trouble, although it is somewhat tiring.

Distance: 7.54 miles
Duration: 1:11:52.92
Pace: 9:33 / mile

Today’s run was back on the treadmill for the first time in 4 days, continuing the streak at 56 days. I added a long sleeve technical shirt to offset the effect of being under the air conditioning vent in the basement.
Distance: 7.35 miles
Duration: 1:11:46
Pace: 9:46 / mile

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