$Palm doesn’t really have time to still be looking for gaming features.

Palm and Sprint entered the fray, directly targeting the iPhone, and didn’t have is gaming ability ducks in a row? I understand that the job postings mentioned in the below links could be to augment the existing capacity, but the timing still indicates a lack of strategy and bad timing.

I, for some reason, assumed that Palm would actually have had more support for gaming than it does. I also assumed that the webOS SDK would have been open for broad consumption well in advance of the actual product launch–instead, I had to wait until the past week to download the Mojo SDK beta.

Palm Job Listings Hint at the Future of WebOS – pre|central

Good News: Palm’s Working on the Pre’s Gaming Problem – Palm pre – Gizmodo.

webOS SDK bemoaned by iPhone developer as Palm seeks game API engineers – Engadget.

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