Tempo run 8.04 miles in 65 minutes (8’06” pace)

I run my tempo and intervals on the treadmill (especially as opposed to running in the dark during rush hour).  It’s not optimal for training I guess, but I’d rather run the treadmill than miss another tempo or interval week.

Mile point – speed (pace)
1% incline
0 – 6.2 mph (9’41”)
1 – 8.1 mph (7’25”)
2 – 8.2 mph (7’20”)
3 – 8.3 mph (7’13”)
4 – 8.4 mph (7’09”)
5 – 8.5 mph (7’04”)
6 – 6.4+ mph (< 9’22”)
7.52 miles in 60 minutes

5 minute cool down at -3% incline
6.2 mph (9’40”)

Total: 8.04 miles in 65 minutes (8’06” pace)

Weight: 167.5 pounds

Steak and mashed potatoes

Of course, the following becomes your breakfast after such a workout, when you didn’t bother to pack lunch the night before, and you’re trying to save as much money on breakfast and lunch as possible.  I grabbed them in a rush this morning, along with four slices of bread for PB&J sandwiches.   My intention was to eat the bread this morning, and then split the steak and mashed potatoes over a couple lunches.

This is yet another reason why you should have plenty of easy run workouts.  Tempos and intervals will leave your body starving for fluids, which your mind will translate to hunger. Inevitably, you’ll eat more than necessary after hard workouts.  (I’m going to stop guessing at the calories at 1050.  That’s at least a 10 oz steak.   The mashed potatoes are homemade, and the only real benefit is that the skin is still in there for plenty of fiber.)

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