Windows vim-plug error

When trying to port my macOS .vimrc to Windows and attempting to set up vim-plug, I ran into the following error

Windows vim-plug error

The system cannot find the path specified.
Error detected while processing function <SNR>2_install[1]..<SNR>2_update_impl[62]..<SNR>2_git_version_requirement[2]..<SNR>2_system[30]..function <SNR>2_install[1]..<SNR>2_update_impl[62]..<SNR>2_git_version_requirement[2]..<SNR>2_system:
line   24:
E282: Cannot read from "C:/Users/twill/AppData/Local/Temp/VF3575F.tmp"
Press ENTER or type command to continue

In searching, I found this issue on vim-plug’s GitHub repo: Error when I try to install plugins on Windows. The comment on setting shellslash made me look in my own .vimrc:

set shell=/bin/bash

Commenting that out with the following resolved the issue. (No admin

" set shell=/bin/bash

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